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5ish minutes*. 10 questions. 0 edits.

Highlighting the "who" behind the "what" of web3.

Interviews with the innovators of NFTs, Crypto, DAOs, DeFi, the Metaverse, P2E Gaming, FinTech, & dApps.

Hoping to spark curiosity that leads to discovery.

*Every guest tries to keep it to 5 mins.
Every guest goes over a smidge. :)

Serious. Silly. Clear. Concise. Fast moving. Fun.

Episodes every Tuesday and Friday.

Hosted by Jason Dukes (@LiveSent).
Created by

Recent Episodes

Fer Boccard | @ferboccard | Founder of the Serious and Cool People NFT project & brand | film producer & director | resident of Mexico City | on @DECENTRAFIVE hosted by @LiveSent

June 24, 2022

Fernanda Boccard (@ferboccard) is the founder of the Serious and Cool People NFT project and brand (@SeriousCoolNFT). She is also an artist experienced in Film Direction and Production. Since mid-2020, she has been heavily i…

Sammy Arriaga | Music NFT Artist | @SammyArriaga | METAGIRL & PIXELATED NFTs | Cuban-American Bilingual Singer / Songwriter now in Nashville | Classic Country with Sick Beats | on @DECENTRAFIVE hosted by @LiveSent

June 17, 2022

Sammy Arriaga is a Cuban-American singer / songwriter, who was born in metro Miami and now resides in Nashville. His music has a classic country feel with cutting edge programmed beats. Jumping into Music NFTs lit a fire in …

Josh Finkle | Co-Founder of the @FlyFrogsNFT Project | Toy Inventor & Designer for @IDEO Play Labs | on @DECENTRAFIVE hosted by @LiveSent

June 10, 2022

Josh Finkle is a husband & dad, a toy inventor & designer, & a NFT project co-founder. He & his wife @mollcule launched the @FlyFrogsNFT project from their kitchen table back in Oct 2021. He has also been inventing & designi…

Igor Lilic (@ililic) web3 OG since 2012 full-time crypto since 2015 work alumni of @ConsenSys & @Dfinity on @DECENTRAFIVE hosted by @LiveSent (Jason Dukes)

June 8, 2022

Igor Lilic (@ililic) is a web3 delivery blah blah blah. He’s not worried about impressing you. But I will tell you that he was into crypto in 2012 and went full-time crypto in 2015. TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN!!!    He digs ICP, ET…

@ap3father is @BoredApeYC OG # 6056, founder of the 1st NFT crime family - the Scimmia Family, & founder of | @DECENTRAFIVE hosted by @LiveSent (Jason Dukes)

June 3, 2022

In interview # 19, the @ap3father joined us. He is a @BoredApeYC OG, # 6056, founded the first crime family of NFTs - “the Scimmia Family” on @OxPolygon, & is launching a lifestyle brand called Wish him luck…

Anna Godovnikova (@godovnikovaa), Chief Marketing Officer of @XDAOapp, on @DECENTRAFIVE | hosted by Jason Dukes (@LiveSent)

May 31, 2022

Anna @Godovnikovaa is Chief Marketing Officer at XDAO, a rising star among DAO frameworks. Anna is interested in decentralization & enthusiastic about organizations on the blockchain. She believes that DAOs can easily replac…

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